Bengaluru : Namma (our) Bangalore

Bangalore is an adventure in itself for all backpackers. You can call Bangalore the Garden city, pensioner’s paradise, the IT hub or the pub capital. It’s a city with many facade.

Bangalore is a mix of people with contemporary and a cultural background. Bangalore has a way of making first-time backpackers feel right at home. From an interesting jumble of academically talented people to folks with artistic orientation, Bangalore has a mix of people who are inclined towards music ranging from Heavy metal to Classical Indian. Many music bands have formed and broken here. Religious believers to staunch atheists, the city brings all genres together in an idyllic way.

One thing is guaranteed, the city will embrace you with open arms. So if all you want is to get that well deserved rest, enjoy a weekend, drink loads of beer, meet new people and yes, try some fantabulous local cuisine, before you head off to your next Indian adventure.

It is the diversity which forms Bangalore’s culture, not the place. You will see smiling faces and hear happy enthusiastic laughs. People enjoying at the theater or people partying heavy and hard. Bangalore is a world of its own in many different ways that attracts backpackers.


Article by : Ranjeetha Wakeling - An Indian Backpacker from Bangalore